Friday, March 15, 2013

The New Menu at The Original Corner Pub

There is no denying it, Corner Pub in Green Hills is pretty much my favorite place to meet people for a drink, watch a football game, hangout for dinner/lunch, or pretty much do anything that includes a bucket of Coors Light and merriment!

It is kind of my happy place.

There is really no negative in my mind to this fantastic establishment.

Every Sunday my family and I meet there for lunch after Mom has taken my nephew to church, Dad has gotten everything prepared for Sunday dinner and my brother, sister-in-law and I have had a chance to have a cup of coffee and catch up from the weekend.

It is one of my favorite traditions that we started a couple of years ago.  

With all of this being said, there are only so many burgers, chicken wraps and baskets of wings a girl can have before she wants some variety!  Don't get me wrong, they do all of these beautifully but after countless Sundays I was ready for something new but the location certainly wanted to change, nor did I want it too, so I just settled into the fact that this was my lot.

Well this all changed with the release of the much anticipated NEW MENU!

There have been rumors of it for years but I never actually thought it was going to happen!  Alas, it arrived and as my eyes perused the new menu items my taste buds started jumping up and down!

It had everything I had ever dreamed of and more....well perhaps that is a bit dramatic but there was nothing new on there that I didn't want to try!  It all looked absolutely scrumptious!

Here is a glimpse at a few of the items on the new menu at The Original Corner Pub in Green Hills!

Not that their salads haven't always been perfectly satisfying but now there are so many more options.....and of course there is my favorite...the wedge!  Anything that acts as a carrier of their delicious ranch into my mouth topped with bacon can only mean good things!
I can't even begin to describe how delicious the B-5 Bombers are....just trust me on this one and get yourself an will not regret it!
Finally another option to my burger cravings that might make me think, albeit perhaps falsely, I am being a bit more healthy in my dining choices!
Sliders are kind of my perfect solution when I don't think I can manage an entire burger!
And last but most certainly not least, my FAVORITE new menu options....the meatball sub. I could literally write an entire post about how perfect their meatballs are and how they have chosen the exact right bread, toasted to perfection with just the right about of cheese and marinara sauce but I will save that for another day. 
Bottom line, the new menu rocked my world and I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and spend your March Madness days watching from the comfort of a booth at Corner Pub munching on something delicious from the new menu!
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