Thursday, May 2, 2013


303 Demonbreun Sreet 
Nashville, TN 37201
(615) 522-0685

There are so many amazing restaurants popping up all over Nashville and I find myself constantly trying to keep track of all the places I want to try.  I feel like this requires a list that seems outdated the second I make buying a new computer....the second you turn it on there is already something out there that is faster, smarter, and has way more memory that you pitiful little machine.

With this daunting task of opening myself up to all that is bustling around town I have had a few places in mind that I have been wanting to try since everything I seem to be hearing includes rave reviews about atmosphere, service but most of all the food.

At the top of that list is Etch.

I have been hearing rumblings about its superb menu, the sharp, crisp atmosphere and the impeccable service but just haven't had the opportunity yet to give it a try.  

That all changed when I girls dinner which had been rescheduled seemingly innumerable times finally took shape and 4 of us headed downtown on a moonlit night with nothing but great expectations to lead us on our way.

When we arrived we were immediately taken to our table in the very middle of the restaurant which can sometimes be a challenge as I get easily distracted by the conversations around me....ok, well really I can't hear really well when there is a loud background noise, but hey, we will call it a "distraction" for now.

This did not seem to be a problem after all which was nice and meant that great pains had been taken in the layout of the beautiful space.

With large windows spanning one wall giving a lovely view of downtown Nashville and the new Music City Center the atmosphere gives a cutting edge feel while keeping with the old southern laid back mentality.

On the opposite wall is the chefs bar where you can sit and watch your food be prepared which I would love to go back and do but with a party of 4 didn't seem feasible this go-round!

From the appetizers, to the wine, to the entrees and dessert the only thing that could top it all was the lovely service.  Attentive without being overbearing, helpful without pushing the most expensive items on the menu and above all maintaining a friendly hospitality throughout the entire meal.

Even though it is not a cheap dinner, it is well worth the price as it is safe to say that Etch is among one of my favorite restaurants, not just in our great city of Nashville, but in all restaurants I have ever tried!

Here is a look into our meal!

Butter Tasting
truffle butter, smoked plugra butter, goat butter, duck butter

Short Ribs
japanese fried, vegetable kimchi, carrot chili sauce, edamame aioli
turkish spiced, brown buttered oranges, capers, olives, raisins, honey, almond, beignet
Lamb Chop
merguez sausage brik, cauliflower feta cream, tomato chermoula, grilled eggplant, celery, sunchokes

(7oz) horseradish celery creamed potatoes, red wine gravy, asparagus whisps, smoked duck butter

chocolate caramel mousse, fudge cake, coffee pot de creme, milk chocolate crunch, 
caramel sauce, whipped cream
 We didn't like it as you can tell.....we would have licked the plate had we been in our own homes it was so freaking delicious!!
 Here is our party of 4!
Such an amazing night!!
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