Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cilantro Jalapeno Dip

I am itching for spring so badly I can't stand it!

I have stacks of magazines from Burpee's (where I order the seeds for my garden) just sitting there on the counter taunting me with beautiful photos of luscious vegetables and flowers in a warm place far, far away from the Artic Vortex that has hit the Southeastern United States but managed to leave Nashville without hardly any snow!

I know it is too early to be planting the seeds, even if I start them inside, but there is this part of me that just wants to go ahead and buy them like I would ever have the self restraint not to have my kitchen covered in dirt because I got too anxious it because absolutely necessary for me to plant my seeds even though it is 8 below outside!

As you can see, this is a huge source of anxiety for me.  February is the hardest month for me....looking down the barrel of warmer weather with just enough weeks of winter coats and Uggs left to make it seem like an eternity away!

With all of this angst constantly swirling in my mind, I have found a small solution, albeit not one that turns me into a normal human being, but that has always been a little outside the realm of possibilities for this one.  I have started making dishes that I will one day....a long long time away from today...be able to make with the bounty from my garden!!!  This recipe was my first attempt at my self-medication to my gardening anxiety, and I must admit, it worked....sort of....not really....I am kinda lying to myself just so I don't go streaking outside in an attempt to frighten winter away!


Cilantro Jalapeno Dip
6 to 8 jalapenos
1 bushel cilantro (meaning a huge handful)
1 packet of dry Ranch dressing mix
1 cup Sour Cream
1 cup Mayonnaise

Depending on how spicy you want your dip, leave the seeds of your peppers in top make your guests crying with joyful pain or remove all of the seeds like I do with a spoon because you are too much of a whimp when it comes to spicy heat.
Puree the jalapenos and cilantro in a food processor until it looks like a paste
Mix together the cilantro and jalapeno puree mixture with 1 cup of mayonnaise and 1 cup of sour cream mix
Chill for about an hour and serve
I can't wait to try this on burgers and fish tacos!!
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