Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Making Some CHEESE!!!

It was recently given the wonderful opportunity to go to Standing Stone Farm in Gallatin, TN for a cheese making class.  I knew this was going to be dangerous because of my obsessive love of cheese but then when they told me that there were also baby goats on the farm who had been born the week prior I knew I was doomed!

This couldn't be good!  I was going to want to take a goat home with me and make cheese for the rest of my life...the path was stretched out before me and I just knew there was no getting around it!

Before we were allowed to go out and actually play with the goats we needed to get down to business.  It was time to get serious with the curds and wey and start this cheese makin' thing, so naturally we all poured our selves a drink and sat down to learn.

She said it was easy....all cheeses were just a various of how to separate the curds from the wey and how long a cheese is allowed to age.  Ok, I can deal with that....just follow directions...I seem to be able to do that just fine!

Then she threw in the game changer, the word I have feared since junior year in college....chemistry.

She said it like it was harmless, like it wasn't the reason I had nightmares about balancing formulas in my chemistry class from high the periodic table didn't speak to me any more than the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt!

At this point it was time to fish-or-cut-bait....if I wanted to learn to make cheese I was simply going to have to overcome my mental block when it came to chemistry and embrace it in the name of cheese!

Well with Paula Butler at the helm of this expedition I gained confidence that I too would one day be able to make cheese, but she took it a step further...she showed us in her very kitchen how to make mozzarella and ricotta cheese!  It was a success!!!
So naturally I bought my kit and with a sense of pride in our accomplishment, I headed out to the barn to hold a baby goat!

Standing Stone Farm is a wonderful place to try something new, explore different cheese making options and experience the joy of knowing that the cheese you are eating is free of preservatives and chemicals!

All in all it was one of my most favorite days filled with new skills and pictures of baby goats.....Mission Accomplished!

For more information about Standing Stone Farms visit their website here!
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